Though she be

but little, she

is fierce.


Carwyn Aliana is a 10-year old with an old soul, a kind spirit and a bright future. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and wants everyone to know it!  She is very proud of her hometown.  What she loves most about New Orleans is the food! One of her favorite dishes is GUMBO!   So it was a no brainer that when she launched her own skin and body care line for girls, she would choose a delicious NOLA theme! 

Carwyn has always been creative, ambitious and courageous. Self-Confidence and self-love has been instilled in Carwyn since birth. She believes its important to love yourself, care for yourself, be kind to yourself and others at all times. When she was a 5 years old she watched her mother do her nightly face routine and asked if she could do it too. She was told that little girls don't need a skin routine - and she said well why not?  From that moment on, she asked to have her own skin care routine. In 2019, she and her mom decided that instead of just having a routine, she would start her own skin care line for girls and ROUX by Carwyn was born!  

Carwyn single-handedly picked out every scent, product, and creative element for her business. She hopes you all love it as much as she does!